Handbags are not just a practical accessory,
but also a fashion statement. An important decision in the
Choosing a handbag is choosing the right shape. There is a multitude
of handbag shapes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In this
Article, some of the most popular handbag shapes are presented.


The shopper is a spacious and practical handbag. In
As a rule, this handbag has two handles and no shoulder strap. Often you will find a zip pocket on the front or back to secure everything you absolutely have to have with you on the go. The shopper is ideal for everyday use as it offers enough space for all important things.

handle bag

The tote bag is a stylish yet functional one
Handbag made of solid leather or imitation leather. In addition to the usual two carrying handles, there is usually also a clip-on shoulder strap, with which the handbag can be styled variably. Tote bags often have an organizer structure on the inside and are often used as
office companion worn.

hobo bag

The hobo bag is a casual handbag that is often made from soft faux leather, leather or suede. It usually has a long shoulder strap and a semicircular shape. A convenient choice for everyday use, the hobo bag has enough space for all your essentials.

Cross body bag

The crossbody bag is a practical and convenient form of handbag that often comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It is worn diagonally across the body and offers enough space for all important things. The crossbody bag is good for daily use and can also be used when traveling or doing outdoor activities.

phone pocket

Cell phone cases are a handy accessory that you can take your cell phone with
protect style. In addition to the mobile phone, phone bags also offer enough space for keys and cards. So you always have the most important things at hand and don't have to search for them in your handbag for a long time.


The clutch is an elegant and chic style of handbag that is often carried on special occasions. It usually has no handles and is carried under the arm. The clutch is ideal for evening events or formal occasions and offers enough space for the most important items such as a wallet, mobile phone and lipstick.


The backpack is a practical form of handbag that is often used by students or travelers. It usually has two shoulder straps and a structured design that offers enough space for all your important things. A comfortable choice for everyday use, the backpack is also suitable for outdoor activities or travel.