Private label

At L.Credi-Peugler GmbH we see ourselves not only as a manufacturer of first-class handbags and small leather goods, but also as your partner for exclusive private label projects.​

With passion and commitment, we offer comprehensive services ranging from consulting and design development to careful monitoring of the entire production process.​

Our expertise in the industry enables us to offer a wide range of individual solutions - be it sourcing, production in China, India or within the EU, as well as the optional handling of shipping and customs clearance.​

Why L.Credi-Peugler GmbH?

Since our founding in 1953, L.Credi-Peugler has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high-quality bags and accessories.​

Our focus is on quality, innovation and sustainability. We only use the best materials and manufacture our products according to strict quality standards. Thanks to our high level of innovation, we continually develop new designs and technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers.​

Our products combine functionality with exceptional design, making them popular both online and in select retail stores.​

L.Credi-Peugler GmbH is characterized by an extensive range, ranging from classic leather bags to modern faux leather accessories.​

Your success is our goal

We work closely with well-known retailers and companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have made a name for ourselves through our expertise in the area of ​​handbags and small leather goods.​

Our goal is to support you every step of the way and ensure that your private label project is a complete success.​

Discover the possibilities that a partnership with L.Credi-Peugler GmbH offers and let us create something unique together.​

Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can make your project a success.​

Reference partner

We support many established brands in the background and are happy to act as silent partners, as the brand itself should be in the foreground.​

In addition to these projects, we are also happy to support new projects in which we can participate in brand development.​

PANO MONACO is one of our reference partners with whom we develop designs and products together. This small but fine label from Monaco offers handbags and accessories made of high-quality leather and Italian production.​

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