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jane-handytasche-schwarz Jane Handytasche schwarz - L.Credi Munich
Jane cell phone case black
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lene-umhängetasche-silber Lene Umhängetasche silber - L.Credi Munich
Lene shoulder bag silver
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ember-henkeltasche-cognac Ember Henkeltasche cognac - L.Credi Munich
Ember handle bag cognac
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monique-umhängetasche-schwarz Monique Umhängetasche schwarz - L.Credi Munich
Monique shoulder bag black
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marijana-hobo-schwarz Marijana Hobo schwarz - L.Credi Munich
Marijana Hobo black
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marijana-hobo-gun Marijana Hobo gun - L.Credi Munich
Marijana Hobo gun
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judith-shopper-schwarz Judith Shopper schwarz - L.Credi Munich
Judith Shopper black
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mimi-umhängetasche-schwarz-/-mix Mimi Umhängetasche schwarz / mix - L.Credi Munich
Mimi shoulder bag black / mix
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kiara-umhängetasche-blush Kiara Umhängetasche blush - L.Credi Munich
Kiara shoulder bag blush
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monique-umhängetasche-marine Monique Umhängetasche marine - L.Credi Munich
Monique shoulder bag navy
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What’s special about L. Credi bags

Are you looking for a modern women's bag that highlights your outfit and makes you shine?

The L.Credi brand relies on elegant, timeless designs and the use of high-quality materials in the production of bags. An L. Credi bag is always fashionable and always in tune with the times to make your outfit an eye-catcher. This means that bags from the L.Credi brand are characterized by several special features:

  • Timeless design: L.Credi bags are known for their timeless and classic design. They are designed so that they can be worn by women across different seasons without going out of style
  • High-quality materials: L.Credi attaches great importance to using high-quality materials such as leather and artificial leather (vegan approved). This not only ensures an attractive look, but also ensures the durability and high quality of our bags
  • Variety: L.Credi offers you a wide range of bags in different shapes, colors and sizes. Our diverse selection of modern bags ranges from shoppers, handle bags, hobo bags, cross bags and cell phone bags to clutches, backpacks and the trendy tote bags
  • Functional details : Our women's bags are often equipped with thoughtful details such as multiple compartments, zippers and adjustable straps to meet your needs for a functional handbag.

Which bag goes with every outfit?

A bag that goes with every outfit is the classic black handbag, such as: B. a shoulder bag in black. It can be combined with any outfit:

  • Neutrality : Black is a neutral color that goes well with almost every other color and pattern. Whether you're wearing a simple monochrome outfit or one with bold colors and patterns, a black handbag will blend in effortlessly.
  • Elegance : Black handbags exude a timeless elegance that suits both formal and casual occasions. They give your outfit a sophisticated touch.
  • Versatility of Style : Black handbags are available in different styles and shapes. From classic totes to crossbody bags, shoulder bags to evening bags - they can be selected depending on the circumstances and personal taste.
  • Longevity : Black is a timeless color that is less susceptible to dirt and wear and tear. A high-quality black handbag can be worn for many years. Black leather bags in particular impress with their long service life.
  • Contrast : The black color can serve as a point of contrast in your outfit and highlight certain details or accessories.
Umhängetasche schwarz

A black handbag is a versatile and practical choice that fits every outfit and every celebration. It is a timeless accessory that should not be missing from any wardrobe.

If you prefer a leather bag in black, you will find the models Eva , Sabrina and Silke in our bag range, which are made of fine-grain leather.

Discover our trendy black handbags now!

Which bags are currently in?

Do you love shopping and always want to be on trend? Then you can't miss our current bag trends! You are guaranteed to find your new, trendy favorite bag in our bag collections!

One of the absolute must-haves is the tote bag. This spacious bag is perfect for your shopping adventures and will shine with new colors and designs this season.

The handle bag is back in fashion with its retro look and not only fits any vintage or classic look, but is also functional.

When it comes to festive occasions, clutches are back in the spotlight - adding the finishing touch to any of your outfits.

Trend bag tote bag

Large, open main compartment: A tote bag typically has a large, open main compartment with no zipper or flaps. This makes them spacious and easy to access.

Flat Handles: Tote bags typically have long, flat handles that are comfortable to carry over the shoulder or arm.

Rectangular shape: Tote bags often have a basic rectangular or trapezoidal shape with straight edges. This gives them a simple and classic appearance.

Versatile Use: Tote Bags are extremely versatile and can be used as a shopping bag, beach bag, work or school bag, travel bag or even a fashion accessory.

Minimalist design: Tote bags are usually simple and minimalist in design, without additional compartments or frills. This emphasizes their functionality and simple appearance. This puts your outfit in the spotlight while the tote bag recedes.

Practical and spacious: Due to their generous size, tote bags offer enough space for items such as books, shopping, laptops and much more. This makes it ideal as a city bag, shopping bag or as a bag for the office.

Overall, the tote bag is a practical and versatile bag that stands out for its open design, large capacity and comfortable handles. It is a popular choice for everyday use and various activities.

Taschen im Trend

Trendy handle bag

During the colder months of the year, people often need more space in their bags for things like scarves, gloves and umbrellas. Top-handle bags offer this extra capacity.

Top-handle bags can be elegant yet practical, making them an ideal choice for fall/winter wardrobes where the weather is often unpredictable.

Overall, top handle bags are a stylish and functional choice for the current season, meeting both the needs of the season and current trends

Trend bag clutch

Although clutches themselves are not a brand new trend, small handbags are still essential this year. We either carry them casually under our arms or hold them neatly in our hands - not only at chic gala events or festive occasions, but also in everyday life. These handy, handleless clutches offer enough space for essentials such as a cell phone, keys and wallet . They immediately give any everyday outfit a perfect touch and a more elegant look.

The variety of designs, materials and colors makes it possible to find a clutch bag that suits individual styles and different occasions. Fashion designers and brands are increasingly turning to clutch bags as a fashion statement, further reinforcing the trend. Last but not least, clutch bags offer the opportunity to express personality and individuality as they add a personal touch to any outfit. At L. Credi Munich you will find festive bags that will best highlight your evening dress, your party outfit or even your business look.

Women's bags at a glance

In our overview we show you the features of each type of bag and what occasion they are suitable for. So let's have fun:

Shopper, Tote Bag & Shopping Bag

  • shopping tour
  • Small purchases in the supermarket around the corner
  • trips
  • City
  • In everyday life and in your free time
  • also suitable as a travel bag
  • offers plenty of storage space for shopping
  • comfortable handles or shoulder handles
  • minimalist design, which makes the clothing in
    The foreground is

Handle bag & shoulder bag

  • In everyday life
  • Restaurant visit
  • Cocktail bar
  • Festivals & parties
  • Sunday brunch
  • for a walk
  • Stroll through town
  • classic design of a women's handbag
  • Thanks to the medium-long handle, it can be carried comfortably over the shoulder
    can be worn (which is why it is also called a shoulder bag)
  • offers enough space for all personal items
    like wallet, cell phone, keys, makeup and even a book or a small water bottle
  • elegant and practical at the same time

hobo bag

  • in everyday life for everyday use
  • Leisure activities: For shopping or a walk in the park as it stores all your important essentials
  • for trips, as there is even room for snacks, a water bottle and small travel items
  • Beach trip
  • Casual meetings with friends or barbecue parties
  • large and spacious with plenty of storage space
  • long shoulder straps to make it comfortable over your shoulder
    Can be worn in a casual appearance, matching informal and casual outfits
  • brings the outfit to the foreground as it appears rather reserved in style

Shoulder bags & crossbags

  • in everyday life for everyday use
  • ideal travel companions as they keep travel documents, money and cards close to the body and therefore safe
  • Shopping as they leave their hands free to carry goods or choose things
  • keep your hands free as they are worn across the shoulder and upper body (hence the name “crossbody”)
  • long shoulder strap allows you to have your hands free
  • compact format for essential things

phone cases

  • Shopping spree because you have your hands free to browse
  • Leisure activities that don't require you to carry a lot of items with you
  • quick errands without a lot of luggage
  • Evening events, as you can easily carry the most important essentials with you, but the bag doesn't get in the way when you're dancing
  • small and compact for storing your cell phone, keys and wallet
  • offers a special compartment for the cell phone to protect it from shocks
  • have long shoulder straps to carry them across the body and keep your hands free
  • convenient alternative to belt bags

Clutches & festive bags

  • Evening events, as it is the perfect companion in an elegant look
  • Cocktail party and social events for an elegant addition to evening wear
  • Theaters and concerts, as it acts as a festive bag to transport the most important items
  • Restaurant visits and dinner parties for upscale occasions
  • small and compact to store only the essentials, such as wallet, keys, lipstick and maybe a smartphone
  • elegant and decorative design (embellishments, sequins, stitches etc.)
  • offers two carrying options: under the arm or in the hand
  • underlines the festive evening wear and raises it to a higher level


  • at work & on business trips to transport lots of documents, laptops and work utensils
  • during leisure activities such as shopping, strolling through town or going on a day trip
  • City trips where you want to explore a city and have your hands free to take photos
  • are ergonomically designed and offer comfortable carrying with padded shoulder straps
  • are very spacious and can accommodate sports equipment, books, a laptop and all your important essentials
  • Durable material that can withstand the high demands of everyday life and leisure time

Choosing the right bag can complement your outfit and tastefully round off your appearance - no matter the occasion. We hope this overview helped you choose the right bag for each event. Have fun browsing and finding your perfect companion!