FUNDRAISER for Mother's Day

From May 6th to May 12th you will automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase of €40 or more . For every order to which the discount is applied, we donate exactly this 10% amount to HORIZONT to give families in need a perspective. Let's do good together and help us help others.

We help to give children and mothers perspectives.

Together we can give shelter and a home to homeless mothers and their children in Munich. We join in and give these families a second chance. Every contribution counts...

Horizon gives homeless children and mothers new perspectives

The Munich HORIZONT initiative has been committed to helping children and mothers who have lost their homes for over 25 years.

At the HORIZONT shelter, around 100 affected children and mothers receive temporary housing and holistic care under one roof every year. In addition, our HORIZONT house Dogmapark has been offering permanent housing for customers, mothers and socially disadvantaged families since 2018. The house sees itself as a meeting place with many socio-cultural offerings that you can also take advantage of. The construction of a third house is already being planned.