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maira-henkeltasche-cognac Maira Henkeltasche cognac - L.Credi Munich
Maira handle bag cognac
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Henkeltasche Büro

The handle bag: practical and classically elegant at the same time

The handle bag has been an integral part of the fashion world for many decades and is still very popular today. These handbags have a classic, elegant design that can be easily combined with many outfits. Handle bags are also extremely practical because they offer enough space and are easy to open.

They have their origins in the mid-20th century when women began to transport their personal items in style and comfort. The handle bag is characterized by its characteristic handles, which enable comfortable handling. The handles are practical to grab when things have to be done quickly. In contrast to a shoulder bag, whose long shoulder strap must first be hung around the shoulder.

Originally designed purely as a handle bag that was worn over the arm or shoulder, the handle bag can now often also be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag, as many models have an integrated shoulder strap. Handle bags are true all-rounders among women's handbags and accompany you from everyday life to the office or on special occasions.

Handle bags from L.Credi: Italian design meets Munich precision & handcraft

Our handbags stand for excellent quality and timeless elegance. They combine Italian flair with Munich precision and craftsmanship, which is reflected in every bag. Each bag is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to create a long-lasting companion for your everyday life.

With us you will find a variety of beautiful handbags made of carefully crafted faux leather, which can easily adapt to your personal style. A handbag from L.Credi gives a simple daytime outfit a fashionable touch and keeps your hands free while you go about your everyday life. The high quality of the material used makes the handbags for women a long-lasting and beloved companion for the modern woman.

Versatile compartments and impressive spaciousness

An outstanding feature of the L.Credi handbags is the well-thought-out interior layout. The beautiful handbags have multiple compartments that allow you to store your belongings in an organized manner. This means you can easily find your keys, wallet, smartphone and other important items straight away. You'll also find space in this bag for a water bottle, work documents or your lunch. They are also ideal for your everyday work life, a stroll through the city with friends or when traveling.

Henkeltasche Kunstleder

Handbags made from durable faux leather

Our handbags are made from high-quality faux leather and add a touch of luxury and elegance to any of your outfits. For example, combine a classic handle bag made of black leather to create a sophisticated business look or set accents with bags in modern colors such as red, blue or lavender.

Another advantage of a leather handbag is its durability. Leather is a very robust and durable material, which means you will enjoy your bag for a long time. A well-maintained leather bag can last for many years and retain its beauty.

Short or long handles – which handle bag is right for you?

Not all handle bags are the same. Our range offers you a wide selection of bags with different handle lengths. Whether short or long handles, every bag has its advantages:

  • Long handles : are ideal for carrying the bag on the shoulder, for example. The generous length of the handles means the weight of the bag is evenly distributed over the shoulder, creating an extremely comfortable carrying experience. This is particularly practical if you are on the go for a long time and want to have your hands free.
  • Short handles : are particularly suitable for carrying your handbag in your hand or placing it directly under your armpit thanks to the short straps. This means you have the most important things at your fingertips and can access them easily. This look looks particularly relaxed and elegant, especially on days when you don't have much with you.

Rectangle, trapezoid or round – what shapes of handbags are there?

Square and rectangular bags are the classics among handbags and give your look clear structures and a touch of elegance. These handbags are spacious and offer plenty of space for your essentials. Whether in everyday life or in the office - with a rectangular bag you are well equipped.

Trapezoidal bags, on the other hand, are real eye-catchers and stand out from other bag shapes thanks to their special silhouette. Due to the wider edges of the bag, it offers enough space for all your belongings and serves as a real eye-catcher.

Handbags with rounded edges give your outfit a special touch. The unconventional shape gives your outfit a modern touch and still offers space to store your everyday items in an organized manner.

How do I style my handbag?

The versatility of handbags is also reflected in the styling options. These timeless accessories can be worn on different occasions and add an elegant touch to any outfit.

The perfect companion for the office

A top-handle bag can be an elegant and practical choice for everyday office life , giving you enough space for important documents and personal items while giving you a professional and stylish look.

For everyday office life, for example, we recommend a classic black leather handle bag, which goes perfectly with both a trouser suit and jeans with a blouse. Handbags in neutral tones such as beige, brown, gray or navy are also very popular, as they harmonize well with most office outfits and give you a touch of effortless elegance.

A handbag for everyday life

Thanks to its large interior and versatile designs, your handbag becomes the perfect everyday companion . There are no limits when it comes to styling. Set great accents with handbags with beautiful patterns or handbags in striking colors such as red, turquoise or lavender.

Whether casual chic with jeans and a T-shirt or with a feminine summer dress, a handbag for women effortlessly adapts to your personal style and ensures practicality in everyday life.

Henkeltasche elegant

The perfect handbag for festive occasions

When it's festive, accessories are particularly important to set simple accents. Handbag colors such as gold, silver, champagne or black are particularly suitable for evening events or proms, as they easily adapt to your choice of clothing and underline it.

Even simply elegant details such as handles made of metal chains or the processed L.Credi logo in gold can subtly compliment your outfit without distracting attention from your dress.

The original carrying option for your handbag also shines here. For an elegant look, wear it over your arm or in your hand and give your outfit additional sophistication.


Our handbags from L.Credi combine timeless elegance with practical functionality and high-quality materials. Their versatile styling options make them your perfect companion for a wide range of occasions. Whether in the office, shopping or at special events - the handle bag is practical and exudes classic elegance. Discover the exquisite selection of handbags in our online shop now and find your new favorite bag!